Would You Use Your Laptop to Crack Nuts?

I suppose there are any number of reasons why one would choose to use a laptop (a rather expensive and sophisticated piece of equipment) as a nutcracker. A more traditional nutcracker might not be handy, for instance, or mass amounts of alcohol could be involved, in which case it could be a demonstration of great wit and dexterity. The reasons could be varied indeed. I, however, fail to see why anyone would want to do so. For a start, laptops, even the easeus data recovery crack slinky new models, are clunky and unwieldy and far too awkward to be effective nutcrackers. There are far more reasonable and rational uses to which one can put a laptop, none of which, however, features below.

CrookedBrains ran a series of photographs depicting a number of alternative uses for laptops, in which was included the nutcracker example above, as well as a makeshift birdhouse, a table tennis bat and a set square to complete a mathematics set.

Some of the examples were fairly ingenious, for example, the light from a screen could be used for late night studying or reading. Or it could be opened and used as a makeshift stool while waiting for trains and buses or in long queues. I suspect, however, that the stool function could potentially cause a great deal of damage to the assorted hardware components, especially if one weighs more than a small eight year old girl.

Then there are the wholly destructive uses, such as a replacement board in martial arts practice. It would take a fair display of strength to kick, punch or head butt one’s way through a laptop, as well as, one suspects, a fair amount of malevolent joy in destruction for destruction’s sake.

Another picture depicts a laptop adopting the pan role in a dustpan and broom relationship. I imagine that it would be next-to-impossible to fully clean a monitor or keyboard after said use, and I shudder to think at the damage that fine particles of dust and dirt could do to the relatively sensitive inner workings of the machine.

Lastly, there is the ridiculous, as the experimenters used a laptop to fry an egg. The laptop is placed on a hotplate, so at least no one is pretending that it generates enough heat to achieve this feat on its own.

While it’s probably possible to repair or retrieve data from the laptops used in several of the above scenarios, there are some from which all data would be lost forever. I can’t imagine that much of anything would be salvageable from the martial arts example. It’s possible to retrieve data from broken hard drives, and hard drives damaged due to lightning, floods and fires, but I don’t know what the chances are of recovery from a flying roundhouse kick. I suspect, however, that these alternative uses are intended to bring about the end of the laptops, and that they aren’t intended for reuse, which is such a waste.

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