Kevin Keegan Lights Up English Football

January see the window open to allow mid-season transfers, and it’s normally a time when the sports papers are full of which player is going where.
In 2008 though, the news is all about one man – a manager. His name is Kevin Keegan…

Kevin Keegan’s appointment as the manager of Newcastle United is the talk of football.

Keegan was a legend during his playing days, winning everything there was at club level in Europe and gaining huge following for his passion and hard work.
When he went into management, he had a skill of transferring his mentality to the players under him.
He revitalised the fans and the whole feeling around any club he went to.

He became a club legend at ข่าวบอล Newcastle when he was with them as a player, and when he managed them the first time around, he got the team promoted, and lit up the English game with his attacking tactics.
His belief was that if the opponents score 4 goals, it didn’t matter as his team would score 5.

In the season of 1995/96, Newcastle held a huge lead in the race for the title, only to see it slip away at the end.

Keegan went on to manage other clubs, including the English National team, and on every occasion he galvanised hope.
It was at Newcastle that he was most fondly remembered though, and his announcement as manager was received like kids getting a late Xmas present.

Recently the club have gone through managers too quickly, not taking enough consideration before giving the job, and then not giving the man enough time to see anything through..

It may be the same case here, with the return of Keegan being nothing more than a romantic sporting gesture, as it’s generally accepted that his tactical knowledge can sometimes be over-ruled by enthusiasm and wishful thinking.

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