HughesNet Is The World’s Leading Broadband Satellite Service For All Consumers

HughesNet offers several service plans to meet a variety of needs. From surfing the Internet at super-fast speeds, to managing a small business from home, HughesNet has solutions for home users and home businesses. HughesNet’s business-class service plans offer companies the ability to securely connect their locations with broadband Internet in areas where fiber, cable or DSL are not available.

HughesNet Speeds

Maximum download speeds are not guaranteed. hughesnet Actual upload speed will likely be lower than speed indicated during peak hours. Download speeds may also be temporarily slowed in cases when patterns of system usage exceed the download threshold for an extended period of time. See the HughesNet Fair Access Policy for more information. If you choose to run VPN over satellite, your data speeds may be reduced by as much as 50-75%. Despite the high speeds, time-sensitive applications, such as multi-player “twitch” games, are also not recommended over HughesNet due to signal latency.

Dynamic IP Address (NAT – Network Address Translation)

HughesNet provides a dynamically allocated IP address to the DW7000 modem with each service plan except Business Internet. IP addresses are assigned via Network Address Translation which enables dynamic assignment of private IPs to devices, keeping them private from users outside of the network.

Static IP Addresses

Static IP Addresses are available for all service plans. With the exception of the Business Internet service plan, static IP addresses must be ordered separately.

A static IP address is a permanent Internet address for a computer, much like a telephone number. Static IPs make managing Internet connections more secure and email access easier. Generally, a subscriber’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) determines the type of IP address (static or dynamic) the subscriber uses. Because there are a limited number of static IP addresses available, most residential subscribers use dynamic IP addresses.

Dynamic IP addresses (also referred to as a NAT or Network Address Translation) are randomly assigned IP addresses from a pool of available addresses. When connecting to the Internet, users with a dynamic IP addresses use a new IP address each time they connect to the Internet. Static IP addresses are necessary for some Internet uses such as:

o Accessing some applications remotely

o Using video conferencing services

o Accessing home computers remotely

o Operating a home email or web server

o Using some applications requiring Internet access

o Accessing some protected or secure web sites

o Offering e-commerce transactions using SSL (Secured Socket Layered) encryptions

Dial Up Account

HughesNet provides dial up accounts for accessing the Internet and HughesNet email when traveling. HughesNet also provides web-based access to HughesNet email.

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