Cisco Looking At the Growing Gaming Market

Could it possibly be that the gaming legend known as Nintendo could be bought out? Rumors ran rampant in previous years with other companies, including Microsoft, considering a possible buyout of the famous company. However, none has received as much coverage as the most recent announcement from CNET that Cisco could possibly take over the gaming giant.

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Apparently, Cisco is looking to enter the gaming and entertainment world and enter it with a bang. There have been talks of Nintendo biting the dust since the Revolution is expected to sell poorly, but strong Nintendo DS sales, especially in Japan, have told the opposite story of Despite that, it still appears as if Cisco is still prodding and considering the possibility of taking over Nintendo.

Although talks and considerations are still very early and nothing is concrete, it does appear as if the possibility is there. Could it finally be the end of the era of Nintendo? Who knows.

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